43% Singaporeans holding Crypto : Survey Report

43% Singaporeans holding Crypto : Survey Report 2

According to a survey report around 43% of Singaporeans hold crypto. While 46% are planning to buy Digital currencies in next 12 months. And also the reports shows many interesting results.

A recent report on Singapore’s citizens shows people of Singapore are not showing their interest to spend their assets to buy and sell things at retail shops. 

But now another survey report on Singapore’s citizens shows that citizens of Singapore are now much eager to go with crypto. And also reports say that there is a major population In Singapore which is still looking to get into crypto. 

A survey is conducted on 1000 Singaporean young citizens. Survey was conducted by Asia-Pacific cryptocurrency exchange Independent Reserve. According to the survey there are around 43% of the citizens of Singapore which are involved in crypto activities. While 46% are planning to buy crypto-assets in the next twelve months. 

In this report the people who own crypto are in the age range of 26-45 years. 

In the report poll, 93% of people know about Bitcoin/crypto. While 40% of the people are looking at Bitcoin from the point of “investment assets”. And there are around 25% of the people who believe in crypto like gold. They called it Digital gold and also a store of value. 

The people who were in the age range 26-35 claimed that they have full belief in crypto as a future adoption in payment structure. According to them, adoption of crypto will be at its highest level in future. And all businesses & individuals will accept it as a payment option. 

Well it was only a survey of only 1000 people. But at ground level, the financial authority of Singapore knows the potential of Blockchain technology very well and they are working on an application of Border payments through CBDC.

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Source: 43% Singaporeans holding Crypto : Survey Report

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