A warm welcome to Cryptocurrency Community Network!

I would like to introduce myself to you as transparency and honesty runs through my blood, I have nothing to hide…

My name is Gary Curtis and I’m just a normal kind of guy with an amazing life story that will blow some people away.
I believe there are too many false people on the internet these days trying to scam people in every possible way!

My life began in a beautiful country in Africa that once was called Rhodesia then became Zimbabwe in 1980.
For those of you who know their history, Rhodesia back in the 40-70s was called the “Breadbasket of Africa”.

It was such a place of beauty with mother nature at our fingertips, Victoria Falls (one of the seven wonders of the world).
Then in the 1970s, we had a civil war that destroyed the country and we grew up with all kinds of embargoes, sanctions etc.
This had an impact on us as we then had to improvise, build and manufacture our own products, factories, food and build trust among ourselves.

Along came Zimbabwe 1980, a new leader called Robert Mugabe!
A change of government and the local native people took over this “breadbasket of Africa”.
It was still a beautiful country surrounded by its nature and wildlife.

Then over a period of 35 years, this leader began to destroy the economy and the people in it.
War on the streets as this “dictator” began to destroy peoples lives.

The economy plummeted into hyper-inflation that the world had never seen before!
Our money depreciated to such an extent it began printing “TRILLION” dollar notes.

A roll of toilet paper cost “millions”, yes get that around your head…
Poverty was inevitable, farming stopped, imports & exports stopped, there are now 13 million people starving!

We were the most highly educated nation of people in Africa but we could not use our skills, as the government-controlled us!

Many of us were forced to leave with the “shirts on our backs” as the gov froze our money and we had to start again.
We moved to neighbouring countries, Europe, Australia, USA and others where we could feel safe and live in stable economies.

My family and friends are scattered all over the world!

Fast forward to today and all I can say is I’ve been through a lot of changes, lived in the UK, New Zealand and now Australia.I have travelled to many countries on holidays across the globe, and seen many changes.

We Zimbabweans are natural entrepreneurs as we had to improvise and think “outside the box”.

Now, you maybe asking yourself why should I be telling all this history and my story???

There is a massive reason and it will help switch on that “light bulb” in your head.

Yes, many of you reading this have more than likely had a good life, food on the table, stable jobs, stable economy etc, etc.

I hate to break the news to you but I have seen it and after living in these so-called 1st World countries, your life has been nothing but false! (Believe it or not).

Many of you no matter where you live are seeing changes in the world.
From world wars, economic meltdowns, recessions, stagnant wages, cost of living rising and yet we all think the governments will make it better.

STOP and think again…

They are nothing but robbing you blind, taxes, inflation, the printing of money to keep the economy’s afloat and you are struggling to pay the bills.

US Debt Screenshot April 2021

Look at the April 2021 chart above and it should paint a picture!

Governments are in massive debt and the financial system has been false for years, as is the banking system throwing money at you to keep you in debt so they can control you!

In 2008 the world had a recession and since then every country is in massive debt and we have not fully recovered, in many ways.

Then in 2009 a digital currency was born and that is BITCOIN, as the inventors Satoshi Nakamoto created this currency because the current “fiat money” is worthless.

It is a currency that is “decentralized” meaning the people of the world own it and not the governments.
This is the future of money, and our children’s future!

Welcome to the year 2021, the world has been hit with a global pandemic called COVID-19, yes a virus that is going to change the way we live and do things.

My view is (quote-unquote) – “man-made Bio-chemical-warfare” to create destruction to the 7.5B overpopulated world and force the world into a financial crisis.

Jobs will be lost, companies will fold, house prices will tumble, retirement savings will disappear and such an event will force a massive financial recession.


Did you have a plan B in place before all this turmoil or did you think your wage would make you enough money to retire on?
Your pension will barely pay for the electricity bill in years to come…

This is where I come into the equation!

I have been following Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for 3 years now and educated myself on the subject.
It is nothing but amazing, the technology and the application is the best thing to mankind and will revolutionize the world beyond belief.

Many don’t believe in it as they say it’s a scam…
I say please tell me how a scam can last for 11 years, and I also say, those that don’t understand it don’t believe in it. That’s how nature works…

Stores that already accept Bitcoin – USA

Look at the chart above and see this cryptocurrency world is slowly but surely evolving into something phenomenal.
Believe me it’s real and you need to become part of this journey.

So stick with me and lets take this journey together, as I would like to help as many people in the world learn about this NEW revolution of the future!

Would you like to learn this technology, and build a passive stream of income to support yourself and your family from now and into the future?

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Ending – I would like to thank you for your time and patience reading my story and look forward to working with you!
It’s “Time for change”, and only you can do it, not your boss.