NFT Yield Farming Platform MOBOX Doubles User Count

106% increase to 7,690 daily active wallets

Yield farming NFT game Momo NFT Farmer on the Mobox platform has doubled its user activity in the past 24 hours. They now had 7,690 wallets interacting with the dapp, bringing the total for this week to 11,460 active user wallets. 

In the past 24 hours, the platform has only seen $2,04 million in volume, which is a drop of 99% compared to the 24 before that. However, wallet activity suggests that yield farmers are eager to interact with the platform. Over the past week, the wallet count is up 158% to 11,460 active wallets, while the volume is up 348% to $30,9 million. 

This overall suggests that Mobox and their Momo NFT Farmer game is still in its infancy, while already grabbing quite some attention. 

Mobox yield farming explained

Mobox recently launched on the Binance Smart Chain, allowing users to yield farm the native MBOX token by being active and playing games. Users first need to acquire a Momo NFT, which costs at least $36, after which they can use the NFT in a variety of ways to earn yield. 

Users can stake a variety of Liquidity Pool tokens or stake BNB and BUSD to farm keys. These keys are required to unlock chests. These crates summon unique NFTs, which in turn can be used to for example play games or stake and earn MBOX tokens. 

Mobox as a platform offers different ways for users to interact with their NFTs. In the dapp users can use these NFTs, called MOMO’s, in Momo NFT Farmer, while other applications are coming soon. Think about for example Token Master Momo or Momo Block Brawler. Each of these dapps combines gaming with DeFi while using Momo NFTs.  

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Source: NFT Yield Farming Platform MOBOX Doubles User Count

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